Democratizing Practical Memory

“Democratizing Practical Memory”
In three little words lies the potential to profoundly change the way we approach a lifetime of learning. Imagine learning something—anything—empowered by the certainty that memory retention and recall was no longer a limitation, that it was no longer a factor in the equation.

Learn the 1000 most frequently used words in Italian over a weekend. Remember every new, important business contact you just made at a conference. Pick up a guitar and memorize chords and progressions in a shockingly brief amount of time. Know every one of your top 200 customers, their preferences and recent purchases. Recall every muscle, bone and metabolic pathway as a med student. Perfectly. Every time.

This is the purpose of the World Memory Tournament Federation: to democratize practical memory and empower lifelong learning.

One of the things that makes Memory Tournaments so accessible is that the barrier to entry is essentially zero. Our community is founded on a culture of being inclusive and never exclusive. We celebrate individual achievement and at the same time grow together, uplifting the entire community. Diversity enriches our community, providing a vibrant ecosystem that further propels our members with ever-increasing opportunities to grow.

We are open to all skill levels from beginner to Memory Master. Anyone can join our community with absolutely zero experience and in mere minutes see immediate gains in proficiency and experience a sense of achievement. It is this personal journey of attaining mastery that builds confidence and fuels the drive to improve further. There is something special and deeply fulfilling when you watch someone experience memory techniques for the first time, when you see the glint in his eyes and the widening smile that slowly appears as he realizes he is doing something within minutes that he has spent a lifetime convincing himself he could not do.

We built Memory Tournaments so that any participant can compete on equal footing, regardless of his situation. Learning and success is not limited by funding, access to resources, language or location. A child in a grade school in South Africa can best a graduate with an ivy league education. Two kids on a playground with a pencil and piece of paper can compete with players who train on the latest tablet devices. The power of the mind and the desire to maximize one’s potential is what makes our community special. This is the great equalizer. Our members excel based purely on merit, with unequivocal fairness, bound only by the investment they make in themselves.

Our community comes together around Memory Clubs. A Memory Club is simply a collection of people who have a desire to learn and improve their memory. It is a way for people to connect, to join others in a common endeavor, to support each other and grow together. There is no restrictive definition to what a Memory Club should be, how it should be organized or how it should be run. That is up to its members. It costs nothing to start a Memory Club and nothing to keep it running. All that is needed is the desire to learn. Two people constitute a Memory Club as much as a Memory Club whose members number in the hundreds and thousands. They can meet in person or practice online with members on the other side of the world. All that is needed is two committed individuals. In them resides the power to effect change.

We invite you to join our community, the World Memory Tournament Federation, to experience for yourself what happens when you unlock your potential. Join a Memory Club or start one of your own. Share in the joy of a lifetime of learning and of achieving things previously thought out of reach. Join us as we incite a memory movement.

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