Hold Something Not from This Earth in My Hand

Cosmic traveler
Reminds me though I am dust
I am Infinite.

Hold something not from this Earth in my hand.

I started off this year by achieving something I had always wanted to do: hold something not from this Earth in my hand. I had built up in my mind that I had to become successful, to become influential, to meet the right kinds of people in order to get a chance to hold a moon rock in my hand. I realized that I had been a little narrow in my approach. I asked myself why it was that I wanted to do this thing. It was because I wanted to do something that reminded me how I am just a small part of this greater universe. I wanted to do something that most people will never do, few will ever attempt and yet could be accomplished by anyone with the right mindset.

So I bought bits of the Campo del Cielo meteorite (certified by the US Geological Society) on eBay, received them in about a week and checked this lifelong ambition off my list. #eBayRocks

Then I bought another set and sent it to my friend who is a teacher so he could share it with his class. I asked him to have the discussion with his class that they had, already at such a young age (they’re 5th graders), done something many people they meet will never do. If they could do that then there wasn’t anything they couldn’t achieve if they set their minds to it. The confusion and wonder in their eyes as they tried to grasp the idea that this bit of rock in their hands had come from outer space…priceless. Then I asked him to pass it on to another teacher. Who knows how many kids have shared in this experience by now?

If I can connect with something that started hundreds of millions miles away, trying to connect and create opportunities for the billions of souls right here on our own little planet doesn’t seem so daunting.