Those Who Can’t, Hate

I’ve never been happy with that saying, “Those who can’t, teach.” It’s dismissive of the noble profession of teaching and discounts those who have already achieved what they set out to do and now want to give back to those who aspire to do the same. None of us gets to where we are without some help along the way, and teachers get to be that helping hand every day. These don’t sound like people who can’t to me.

So I say, “Those who can’t, hate.” You ever know a hater who accomplished anything? Haters are insecure individuals afraid of getting left behind by those of us who aspire to accomplish something. Trying to create something–whether it’s a tech startup, your own restaurant, a music label, or a non-profit organization–is scary and hard to do. There are a million things to do and about a million more you haven’t even thought of yet. There will always be those naysayers along the way who will try to pull you down, tell you it can’t be done, and whisper in your ear that you should just quit.

When did we become a society where I must fail in order for you to succeed? I’m supposed to wallow around in mediocrity with you so you feel better about yourself? Your reality doesn’t define my happiness and vice versa. There’s enough success out there for everyone. You just gotta’ put your name on it.

Failure refers to the state or condition of not meeting an intended or desired objective. You know what else comes from an unintended consequence? Serendipity. Discovery. Innovation. Consider the following accidental discoveries: penicillin, microwaves, velcro, teflon, and chocolate chip cookies. Mmmm, chocolate chip cookies. Sounds like good company to be in.

Every entrepreneur gets tired, questions his choices, and wonders whether it would be better just to give up. Anybody who tells you otherwise is a liar. Those who succeed are the ones who can push past these low moments and try, try again. Don’t give the haters the satisfaction of proving them right. They say the best revenge is living well, and I try to remember that every day.

Here’s the funny thing about haters, they’re just like bullies. You just have to knock ’em on their ass once and they’ll leave you alone. A hater has to prove you wrong every time you try something and have a minor setback. But you only have to be right once to silence the critics. Remember that: a hater has to prove you wrong every time, you just have to be right once.

So I say embrace your haters. It’s a sign you’re doing something right. The only time you don’t have haters is when you’re doing something not worth bothering with. For those who have too many haters to deal with, send ’em my way. I love haters.

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